Creative Dental Marketing Strategy

Here are less common but very creative marketing strategies that you can use in your dental practice:

1. Launch a referral program – This is and should be the number one strategy to use especially in healthcare related services as it is believed that 92% of people trust personal recommendations more than all other forms of marketing. It is simple but very powerful and has the potential to significantly increase a new generation of patients for your dental practice. I’ve listed some ideas on how you can get started with this program:

2. Launch Patient Loyalty Program – It is designed in such a way that you can collect email addresses & mobile numbers for future marketing strategies such as email marketing, social media campaigns or mobile marketing. It also lets your patients know that you are grateful for their business.

3. Launch Patient Review Program – This program is designed to enhance your online reputation. You can selectively hand out cards to patients so they can leave reviews on your social networking sites or other websites like yelp, your Google business page, or on your website so they can claim the prize.
Request Patient Referral

Here’s a 3-step guide on how to easily request references:

Ask selectively – only ask those you know and like, for example, long-term patients with whom you have developed a good relationship.
When a patient has had a good experience – when a patient kindly tells you they had an amazing experience, you can tell them in a non- pushy way like, “Glad to hear that you had an amazing experience. When a friend or your family tells you how bad their experience was, you can send them here.”
Use a script – Thanks for your feedback! I am very proud of our team and it is part of our goal to provide a positive experience for patients like you who value what we do. We know that not everyone has a positive experience like this with their dentist. If you have family or friends who may have enjoyed the same experience you had, we would like you to recommend it to us.

2. Turn your product or service into a challenge – What problem does your service solve? Don’t go with the flow of explaining the services you offer. Instead, make your product the focal point and create a challenge for it. For example, you can ask a patient’s dental questions or better yet create a quiz about who they think follows good dental hygiene. This forces them to get involved and your business will be unique and top of mind.

3. Use popular hashtags on social media – Utilizing popular hashtags like #FlashbackFriday or #ThrowbackThursday can increase the number of views you want for your business especially those in the millennial age group. You can also use this so you can target people who are looking for a specific topic or service so you never know as this can also be a great resource on how you can get new patients to check out your services.

More Dental Marketing Ideas

When it comes to dental marketing there is no shortage of good ways to get started. Here are some more suggestions for marketing your dental practice. Take a look and see what you think will work for your practice.

Get Local with SEO

When people in your target area start looking for a dentist online, do you show up? An easy way to check is to pick up your phone, type “Dentist near me” and see what pops up. If you don’t stay ahead, you will lose a lot of new patients and prospects.

The goal of your dental marketing efforts is to rank on local searches, such as when you type “Dentist near me”, and be found by people in your target market.

Take Advantage of Existing Patients

In addition to the suggestions above, working with what your dental practice already has, such as existing patients, is an excellent place to start. For example in idea number one we discussed creating a patient loyalty program. This not only increases existing patients, but also good business that can (and will) drive referrals to your practice.

Dental Marketing: It’s Not Rocket Science

Marketing a dental practice can feel like rocket science, but it really isn’t, using a little creativity and common sense can go a long way. Thinking about how pleasing your patients are is one way to get more out of them!

To Social Media or Not to Social Media

If you are going to use Social Media to market your dental practice, I suggest taking some time to think about it.

Social media is a great dental marketing tool but it takes time, effort and wisdom. Consistent effort and quality content is a must for social media to work for dental marketing. If you or your staff don’t have time to market your practice, in the right way, on social media it may be best to look at other options. Other options for engaging social users are hiring an agent, training someone in your office to do so or using paid advertising to reach social media users.

Other ways to use social media

Also, when using paid advertising to target new patients for your practice, make sure you target only patients in your geographic area. If you’re in New York City, you don’t want to market to people in Los Angeles, do you? This is an easy and expensive mistake to make.

Create a contest and go viral

Using contests is a great way to develop your dental practice. Everyone wants whiter teeth, right? Make a grand gift, like a lifetime of teeth whitening (or whatever you want to offer).

When your prize is something everyone wants, you will have no trouble getting people to join your contest. Digital contests can increase your dental practice marketing exposure for money. Adding bonus actions to increase participants’ chances of winning is another way to squeeze a little more out of your contest.

There are 1,001 ways to market your dental practice. Most of them you can do yourself. Sometimes, it’s better to hire an expert to get it right the first time. You can learn more about hiring a dental marketing expert in the box below.

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