Who will not like to have a soft, glowing, clear skin? And what not have you tried to get at it? You may have tried several cleansers, moisturizers, proactivs®, skin guides etc. You must have noticed by now, that clear skin is something which is not permanent and one has to continuously and passionately work towards keeping her skin clear. Here is a free clear skin guide for you.

First things first. Cultivating a good health regimen is of foremost importance. Get up in the early morning after a sound good sleep. This is essential from the psychotherapeutic point of view. A clear mind is the first thing that paves the way for you in your search for a clear skin. Your facial muscles will have relaxed for sufficient time and the skin stiff.

Use a facial cleanser to wash your face. Do not go for soaps as they are alkaline in nature. There are many choices of cleansers available in the market with varying proportions of benzoyl peroxide and moisturizers. Choose yours that best suits your skin type. Rinse it with water. Maklon Kosmetik Do not rub hard to dry, but pat gently with a soft towel. If you are of dry skin type , use a moisturizer otherwise you can directly go for a light makeup (only if you should). Once in a while you can use water melon and cucumber juice alternatively to wash face. A sunscreen (SPF15) may be used if you are going outside.

o Avoid too much of exposure to sun and pollutants.

o Wash your face at least twice a day.

o Practice a well balanced diet emphasizing more on vitamins A, C and E. Drink lots of water (one and a half to two liters a day).

o Go for a morning and evening stroll when the sun rays are tender. Tender sun rays have concentrations of vitamin E and lower UV rays.

o Apply turmeric and milk cream mixture on your face much before going to bed and leave it over night.

o Use an orange peel face pack. It will have an astringent effect on your skin.

o When you go to sleep in the night, cover your eye socket with pumpkin or cucumber grating for curing the black ring under the eyes.

o Always consult doctors on acne matters. Self medication is the worst service you can do to your skin and body. (some of the medicines have serious implications)