10 Examples of User

10 Examples of User: Before being accepted to work in a company, there are several stages that you must go through in the hiring process. Well, one of the most stressful stages is the user interview. This stage is generally carried out after the employee candidate passes the first interview stage (usually with the HRD). The user itself is someone from the company who will work directly with you if you are successfully hired. 10 Examples of User Interview Questions

So you could say, the user interview is the final stage that determines whether the applicant will be accepted for work or not. That is why, it is important for applicants to understand well what questions will be answered during a user interview. 10 Examples of User Interview Questions

10 examples of user interview questions and tips for answering them. Hope you can help!

Example of User Interview Questions

1. Can You Tell About Yourself?

This is a common question that often comes out during interviews with users, although in previous interview sessions such questions have certainly already been asked. Make this user interview question a moment to introduce yourself professionally in about 60 seconds. Focus on your latest career developments, such as achievements or achievements that have been obtained so far.

2. What do you know about this company?

One of the statements that interview users often make is this one, because this is a common question in interviews. It is important for applicants to prepare the right answers from the start. In order to be able to answer this question properly, applicants must first seek general information about the company. Such as the field of business that the company runs, the development of the company over the past few years, work culture, and others.

3. Do you understand the job description of this job?

This question is the most important general question. A user wants to know whether the candidate who passed the previous interview stage has understood the job description of the job he is applying for. To answer this question depends on two things. First, do you really understand it? If you already know, understand, and master it, you only need to explain and explain it to the user to make sure. Second, if you are not really sure about what you understand with the jobdesc, you can outsmart it by first explaining what you understand.

4. Can you tell us about a successful project you worked on?

Through this question. The user interview is trying to see the applicant’s work ability. Including providing an assessment of the project that has been handl  by the applicant. Focus on the questions asked by the user and explain the point in a way that doesn’t go overboard. Tell us briefly about a project that has been carri  out successfully. Including the problem and also the solution us to solve it.

5. Can you tell us your skills for this position?

This also includes questions that almost always come up when undergoing a user interview so applicants must prepare themselves well to answer these questions properly. The user interview tip for this point is to find out in advance what skills will be ne for the position being appli for in the company. Make sure the skills you have are in accordance with the position being appli for.  So that the chances of being accept are greater.

6. Where Do You See Yourself in 5 Years?

This question is also fairly common when conducting interviews with users. However, it is important for applicants to have confidence when answering this question, because usually the company wants to make sure whether the position offered is in accordance with the applicant’s long-term career plan. It is important to always remember that companies want employees who are competent and will work for the long term. Applicants must provide clear career goals in the future. Of course related to the position being appli for in the company.

7. Why do you intend to leave your current job?

This is one of the trick questions that can be taken into consideration by the user in making a decision. Interview users are prospective direct supervisors of applicants, so it is only natural that the person concerned wants to know the track record of prospective subordinates. Avoid talking negatively about the company or previous employer, this is an unprofessional act. The user interview tip for this question is to give a positive view of the position being appli for. Including the desire to join a better company in the future.

8. How Much Salary Do You Expect?

During interviews with users. Questions about salary are certainly common. Because they understand in detail the level of difficulty of the work that will be fac in the position offer. Handle these user interview questions and answers well by finding out information about the salary range for the position being appli for, be it in the company or in other companies. Don’t forget to adjust your abilities and work experience too because the salary must be realistic and not excessive.

9. Why should I accept you?

Reporting from Inc. This question is quite commonly asked during interviews. This question will generally close the interview session with the user. You should be able to provide an answer to this question as an impressive closing. You can answer it by explaining that you are the right candidate for this company. Show that you and your company have aligned goals and can benefit from each other. You can add that you will contribute to the company through your skills and hard work. Don’t forget to mention the company can help you to continue to grow by giving you new lessons and experiences.

10 Do You Have Any Questions About This Interview?

This is usually the final stage and of course applicants are no longer confused about what a user interview is and what they ask. If the applicant has questions, this is a good opportunity in the user interview to ask them. User interview is an interview that is usually conducted directly by the prospective employer. So it never hurts to ask some important questions, such as with whom the applicant will work in the future, how the company will notify the interview results, and others.